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job site inspections

Providing positive reinforcement keeps everyone focused on safety.

We visit each chosen job site on an agreed upon schedule to work with your supervisors.  It allows us to find and correct problems observed before leaving the site, build a rapport with employees on site, and refresh their training knowledge.  If the employees are working safely, we provide positive reinforcement.  


equipment certifications

Make sure your employees are certified!

We can certify your employees on Scissor Lifts and Boom Lifts.  We conduct this required training at your facility or work site.   

Years of safety training in the insurance industry allowed us to work with a variety of construction, general industry and agricultural businesses around the country.  Advice was provided to them on how to develop and implement custom designed safety programs that address basic work rules, and government regulations issued and enforced by OSHA, MSHA, DOT, EPA, and DEQ. 

In 1991, we started what is now known as SAFETY ADVISERS INC to provide an independent safety consulting service to help with not only basic safety issues, but the ever-growing number of government regulations.  The company name has changed a few times during its existence, but the quality and dependability of our work has only improved.  

- management development

- Program development

- employee development

- safety and life training

- equipment certifications

- site specific safety plans

- choosing subcontractors
- reports

- osha visits

- safety equipment

- staffing for large construction projects

- expert witness services