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Management Development
To change a safety culture, the owners and supervisors must buy into following and enforcing their own chosen safety rules.  We show them how to change and adapt new habits if they are willing, and to understand that “leaders lead by example”.

Program Development
Your written safety program should cover the safety hazards and controls associated with your type of work.  Keep it simple, but inclusive.

Employee Development
We teach employees why rules and regulations exist, and how they help everyone with their goals of making money and achieving job satisfaction.

Safety and Life Training
Lengthy classroom sessions are effective to a point.  We like to use the contents of the written safety programs with other sources for short, specific training that is easier to grasp and remember.  The information is related to on and off-the-job activities to achieve a better result. 

Equipment Certifications
Scissor lift and boom lift training is offered to meet requirements.  These are conducted at your facility or at the work site. 

Site-Specific Safety Plans
These are referred to as Job Safety Analyses, Job Hazard Analyses, Work Plans, Fall Plans, Confined Space Entry Plans.  We can develop these or teach your supervisors how to do them.   

Choosing Subcontractors
We can advise you on what safety related information to ask for with your contracts.  The information will help you, and allow the subcontractors to get their safety activities planned and organized before work begins.  Just include us in pre-job meetings to reinforce and explain the safety expectations.

Job Site Inspections
We visit each chosen job site on an agreed upon schedule to work with your supervisors.  It allows us to find and correct problems observed before leaving the site, build a rapport with employees on site, and refresh their training knowledge.  If the employees are working safely, we provide positive reinforcement. 

Positive Reinforcement
Safety Advisers has always provided a Jolly Rancher or piece of Double Bubble gum to employees who are observed working safely.  Little gestures have helped us build a bond with workers to get our message across.  We have also smoked up pulled pork lunches for large projects and delivered them to job sites. 

We will talk to your supervisor on site before leaving as to our findings.  We can issue a written report of our job site findings if you want, and do so before leaving the site or shortly thereafter. 

OSHA Visits
Our cell phone numbers will be issued to you and your supervisors so you can call us if OSHA should visit your job site.  If citations should be issued, we will assist you in handling the process.

Safety Equipment
We can use your safety suppliers or help you set up some so safety equipment can be purchased and carried in our vehicles.  That allows us to restock equipment such as safety glasses, gloves or whatever on the spot.  We will also work with your supervisors to keep them stocked with extras.

Staffing for Large Construction Projects
We can provide trained safety professionals to work with you on large jobs that require a full-time safety person on site each day.  They will be insured through our company, and trained on the safety issues applicable to your type of work.

We have worked with lawyers to provide safety advice on an injury if the case does not involve a contractor, and the merits of the case appeal to us.